Farm Animals and Non-Traditional

Any person keeping a farm animal or non-traditional farm animal within the City of Corcoran must adhere to the requirements at a minimum. A minimum of 2 acres is required to allow one animal unit equivalent to be kept. For each additional whole acre over 3 acres, one additional animal unit equivalent is permitted. There are no animal restrictions on parcels greater than 30 acres.

How many chickens can I have?

(How to calculate the number of animals allowed on your property.)

  1. Start by determining the Animal Units Allowed based on your property size in the table located in Title VIII: 81-9 – 81-13. (If your property is less than 3 acres use the table located in section 81.10; 1.

  2. In the same table, determine type of animal and its Unit Equivalent. (example: a chicken has a unit equivalent of .033)

  3. Complete calculation: Animal Units Allowed / Unit Equivalent = Number of animals allowed. (always rounddown to a whole number)

    Example: I would like to have chickens; my property size is 1.7 acres.

    Per the table in section 81.10, a total of .85 animal units are allowed. A chicken's unit equivalent is .033.

    .85 / .033 = 25.75. (rounded down) A total of 25 chickens would be allowed.

Must have a minimum of 1/2 acre to have any farm or non-traditional farm animal

Adopted Ordinances - Title VIII: 81-6, 81.10 for detailed information and requirements.

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